Friday, April 29, 2005


A little boy named Benjamin has cancer. He's 10 years old. I don't know him, but know about his situation from someone who does and that person contacted me about being a potential blood platelet donor.

Benjamin underwent a successful bone marrow trasplant. It seemed as though he might be about to completely recover. Now he's back in the hospital and may need surgery. I can't do a thing about it - not even donate again as his blood type changed from positive to negative after the transplant.

I've never been able to reconcile within myself as to why a loving God would allow something like this to happen. Is there some purpose to this? Why must the children suffer? Do I just have faith and accept that it will all be revealed to me in due time? Are there angels among us? Could they do something about this? Is Benjamin one of them, sent here for a purpose?

If you pray, would you add this little boy to your prayer list?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Pusillanimous Meany

Recently, my dear wife had to deal with one of those back stabbing cowardly folks who occasionally do mean things to others if they think it might advance their interest. She reacted with much more grace than I did. I wanted, for just a moment, to chop the offending bete noire off at the knees so she would think twice about engaging again in behavior so lacking in moral turpitude. The BW quickly got over it, said "consider the source" and went about her business.

That incident reminded me of the time several years ago that the law firm I worked for at the time assigned me to represent a member of "The Mexican Mafia" in a criminal case. The charge against him was dismissed and my client, to show his appreciation for my work, told me if I ever needed anybody "whacked" just to let him know. I laughed out loud, told him I wouldn't ever be needing him and advised him to get out of the whacking business. I'm not saying that I thought about having the pusillanimous meany whacked. I shamefully admit though that the thought of one of those Nancy Kerrigan knee jobs crossed my temporarily evil mind .

Ok, ok. I know. One of the Seven Deadly Sins is anger. Ah have see-innnnnned. I'm over it now - but I just can't stand it when some mean, unkind person hurts someone I love.

Now what was that guy's name? Was it Guido or Luis? Maybe it was Romando something or other - I've got to quit this fantasizing and get to work - but the mental picture I just gave myself dissipated the last ounce of anger I had and put a smile on my face. But damn it, Ah think ah have see-innnnnnned again. Whoops, I think that's another one. Well, nobody's perfect, except maybe the BW.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Liberals: Real Men or Kinda Girlie?

Arnold Swartzenegger keeps getting into trouble with the press (hoo boy, I'm really scared now)by continuing to refer to Democrats as "girlie men". Maybe that's code talk and he really means that they're cowardly, dress like sissies and talk funny. I don't know.

It might mean that he thinks liberals are emotional cripples and act like weenies when the going gets tough. Like, instead of an up or down vote on judicial nominees they'd rather filibuster. Or, when they whine for years about the results of elections they've lost or refuse to do anything about social security except demogogue it because that's the more politically expedient thing to do. Maybe that's it.

Have you noticed a technique used by the liberal press when they want to take a cheap shot at a political opponent by starting off a sentence with "Some say........" Well, of course, some do say. But who? Well anyway, some say that liberals are girlie men because of their knee jerk negative reaction to the military and military men. Some say it's because they're frightened of uniforms. Or that they're afraid to undress in barracks with so many men around. I'm just saying, you understand, what some say about what Arnold says.

I think all would agree that Arnold is a manly man and of course, a Republican. Another Arnold, Benedict, was a Democrat who ratted his buddies out when the going got tough. Any girlie man vibes stirring out there? I'm just saying....., you know, I'm trying to figure out what Arnold meant by that girlie man remark. John Wayne was the quintessential tough guy Republican. John Wayne Gacy, the gay Chicago serial killer was a Democratic party precinct chairman. Does Arnold know something???

I could go on with this and perhaps never discover what Arnold really meant but it wouldn't be fair to Democrats to speculate without having some real proof. I mean, it would be pure speculation as to why someone like Barbara Bush, former first lady and mother of a president is a Republican and Barbra Streisand, nasally singer, bad actress, and married to a muffler spokesman is a Democrat. General Andrew Jackson, hero of the Battle of New Orleans - Republican. Michael Jackson, proprietor of Neverland, make that Onceeverynowandthenbutonlywithlittleboysland - Democrat. It's never ending. But what does any of this really prove? That John Wayne could beat up Michael Jackson? That Barbra Streisand will never have another hit record?

Beats me.

Consumer Warning - The Tick Scam

I just registered again with the national "do not call" list to keep telephone solicitors at bay. I've now registered two cell phone numbers, a home number and two work numbers so I should be protected.

I expect that solicitors will begin to concentrate more on door to door home sales. We already have a Federal Trade Commission "door to door" sales rule which gives consumers up to three working days to cancel most sales where they are solicited at their home but the enemy is out there right now trying to figure out a way to get around the rules.

Let me warn you about the latest thing to be on the look-out for. If someone comes to your door saying they are conducting a government survey on deer ticks and asks you to take all your clothes off and dance around and shake like crazy to see if any deer ticks fall off you, don't do it! It's a trick! They just want to see you naked.

I wish I'd known about this yesterday. I feel so stupid.

I'll swear, that's the truth. Really.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Damn Thee - I Said Whoa

Having recently visited the Lancaster, PA area and observed the way of life of the Amish, I have a renewed respect for living the simple life. There's something about living off the land that truly touches the soul.

I was impressed with the freedom of the women scurrying about in their horse drawn buggies. I even saw one pulled over by a police officer in Bird-In-Hand, PA. for running a red light. I was standing maybe 10 feet away and heard him tell her that he was giving her a verbal warning only. He also pointed out that one of the reins was wrapped around the horse's testicles. I heard her tell him that it was OK - that what he was looking at was the emergency brake.

And that's the truth.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tribute to a fallen Hero, Cpl. Michael B. Lindemuth

There's an extraordinary tribute to a fallen marine on my dear friend Ala71's site. Please visit her blog and read the letter written by a fellow Marine to the parents of his fallen brother. If you would like to leave a comment, the amazing man who wrote the tribute does read her site. There is also a link to a tribute site where you can leave a comment for the fallen Marine's parents.

Please click here to visit Ala71's site, "Blonde Sagacity".

Sunday, April 17, 2005

So in love with this child...

Scott and I spent the most wonderful weekend in San Antonio with my life long best friend Michelle, her husband Steve, and their beautiful daughter, the simply divine Miss L.

Michelle and I met in Junior High *mumble*mumble* years ago. We discovered we were born on the same day of the same year in the same hospitol, and that our mothers shared the same doctor. Her last name began with an A and mine began with a B, so we were probably next to each other in the nursery. Crazy, eh? Some people are just destined to cross paths.

Michelle and her family live about three hours away, so we don't get to spend quality time together very often. Miraculously, we were able to connect-the-dots between our crazy schedules and finally go on the mini-vacay we have been trying to set up for the last several months. I still can't believe we actually pulled it off!

Scott and I so enjoyed seeing life through little Miss L's astonishingly blue eyes. This child is truly a blessing. My heart skips a beat every time she says my name.

Thank you Michelle, for all the years of your steadfast friendship, love, and support, and for sharing your extraordinary daughter with me. I couldn't make it through this life without you! Love you three, soon to be four...

Obligatory picture of amusing sea creature from Seaworld.... Posted by Hello

The cutest little toes EVER! Posted by Hello

Mom, Dad and Miss L petting dolphins... Posted by Hello

The cotton candy that temporarily turned Miss L in to a smurf.... Posted by Hello

Miss L lovin' on Mom Posted by Hello

Scott and Miss L requesting that I stop taking their picture... Posted by Hello

Miss L flirting with ScottPosted by Hello

Mom and Miss L shooting water at Daddy... Posted by Hello

Scooby snacks are 'da bomb! Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Labs Destroy Flu Vaccine

A Houston radio station is reporting that several labs have destoyed the remaining supply of flu vaccine which had been alloted to the Houston area.

At the beginning of the flu season there was a near catatrophic shortage of the vaccine and now, while the flu season is still in full swing, labs are destroying the last of it. What is going on here?

Can't we get it right? Can't people learn to control their animals? You lab owners out there, ever thought of doggie obedience school? Sheesh.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

HARassment or HaRASSment?

Whichever way you choose to pronounce it, sexual harassment has been the subject dejour in the workplace since the days of the Democratic Party/Anita Hill hatchet job on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Some folks feigned outrage at Ms.Hill's story claiming that Judge Thomas made a remark which included the words "pubic hair", thereby causing her to have 12 years of on the job emotional distress. These same folks gave a complete pass to the harasser in chief, former President Clinton at a time when Bubba was still under the impression that the word harass was two words instead of one.

In a recent case, a young woman who claimed to be a victim of "hostile environment" sexual harassment sued her employer because she was fired after she complained about it. The jury was stacked (some better than others) in her favor as it consisted of 11 women and one man, albeit an older fellow who seemed to be bored and wanted to doze off at the slightest opportunity. In fact, the jury foreman (I know, I know - say foreperson or "presiding juror" if you want to - I don't) was an attractive woman who kept nudging the old guy to wake him up when he began to snore.

At one point in the trial the victim became visibly upset when asked to describe something her boss had said to her that she found particularly offensive and embarrassing. She asked the judge if, rather than say such humiliating and embarrassing things in front of the jury, she could just write it down and have the bailiff show it to the jury. The judge agreed and the witness's written account of the offensive behavior was passed by the bailiff to the jury foreman.

The jury foreman carefully read the note before passing it on. It said, "I think you are so hot and I'd like to pour honey all over your body and lick it off." She turned to pass the note along to the juror seated next to her - the old fellow who was once again trying to catch a short nap. She gave him a sharp jolt in the ribs to wake him up, then handed him the note. He read it, smiled and winked at her, then put it in his pocket. The judge had to order him to let the rest of the jury read it over his objections that it was a private matter between him and woman who gave it to him.

And that's the truth.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Bury Him Already

John Paul II was a man worthy of praise and adulation but I doubt he'd have approved of this week-long praise fest. One Houston radio station even announced that it had its' man on the scene and would be interrupting regular programming with up to the minute breaking news from Rome. I've got a scoop for the radio station. The Pope is STILL DEAD.

My friend, Mr. Malcolm mentioned the costumes of the priests. Have you checked out what The Pope's Swish guards are wearing? The best I can tell, they're wearing plumed helmets, bloomers, panty hose, and a crocheted vest. Is anybody really going to be intimidated by that group, especially when they see that the only visible weapon is a pointy stick? No wonder they call them the Swish guards.

Next, we'll have a week or two of speculation as to who the Cardinals will elect to serve as the next Pope. Personally, since they lost four straight in the World Series to the Red Sox, I think it ought to be the Sox doing the voting instead. Maybe the Cardinals get to do it because they have a lot of Latin players - or maybe it was the National League champions turn. I'm not sure. I'm a Methodist.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What Methodists Need - Better Costumes

Pope John Paul II was no doubt a great man, and was loved not just by Catholics but by we Methodists and other Christians as well. He, along with Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbatrov converged on the world scene at a fortuitous time for us all and helped rid the world of the repressive communist rule of the USSR.

He also brought millions into the fold who had strayed away from the Catholic church and its' doctrine, even in the face of scandals involving hundreds of priests. He was a kind and gentle man who really did love his enemy. He believed fervently in the sanctity of life. All of these attributes contributed to the salvation of Catholicism during his regime but I think what really helped with his popularity was the Catholics secret proselytizing weapon - the costumes.

That black, sort of Zorro outfit with the smart red cap and sash is one that Protestants might think about whipping out once in a while. What's wrong with a little pomp and pageantry? That long white one with golden brocade and matching jewelry really caught my eye too. Gee, what do you have to do to get one of those? Don't even get me started on the hats.

Now that I think about it, Evangelical Protestants already dress that way on those television programs where they try to extract money from little old shut-in ladies by making them feel guilty for watching church without helping to pay for it. The jewelry, boufant hair and $500 shoes are most impressive. And those are just the men!.

Anyway, there are plenty of people out there including some preachers, priests and rabbis who, unlike Pope John Paul II need help in getting to heaven and if playing dress-up and wearing expensive jewelry can help, I'm all for it.

Written by Bigandmean's good friend and expert on cats and fashion, the effervesant

Monday, April 04, 2005

Sandy Berger - Thief Extraordinaire or Just Excited?

Sandy Berger, former National Security Advisor to President Clinton just entered a guilty plea, admitting that he stole then destroyed top secret security documents from The National Archives. He's now a convicted thief, but at least he kept his pants zipped while stuffing them with the nation's security secrets. We've had enough of this group's affinity for inappropriate decisions involving zippers.

Many questions remain surrounding Berger's thievery. Why did he steal those particular defense related documents from the National Archives? What exactly were they? Why did he destroy them after the theft, then lie about it by saying they were lost?

Would those documents have shown that Berger and the Clinton administration were even more callous and incompetent regarding national security and terrorism than we thought possible? Would they have shown that Clinton and Berger put the country at greater risk than we thought they had then tried to use Richard Clarke and others to place the blame on President Bush?

We'll probably never know the answers to these questions, but thank God that Clinton, Gore and Berger are gone and the adults are back in charge. One more question, overheard recently which was asked of Sandy by his successor as National Security Advisor, Condi Rice: "hey Sandy, are those more top secret national security documents you've stolen from the National Archives and stuffed down the front of your pants or are you just glad to see me?"

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Weekly random searches

I love going through my counter stats and looking at what random searches pop up our site.

We had some really odd ones this week. LoL!

Most random hits of the week -
how to play korean survival project surp

alicia keyes, mother

estimated I.Q. of Vice-President Dan Quayle

"man in arena" speech

republican "Matthew McConaughey" (the nekkid bongo player is a republican? by the way, my ex Greg is the Austin cop who arrested him)

I Q of barney Franks ROFL!

jen bush

reverend daryl gray

football vernacular (Dad's fault on this one)

andre dawson legal troubles (isn't he a baseball player?)

elderly women-interview (random!)

and the best of all:

naked old gray-haired men

Friday, April 01, 2005

This Aint Funny

I can't find any humor at all in the Terri Shiavo matter.

The good news about all of this is that her husband can go about his business and resume a somewhat normal life. He can now be rid of the Schindler family and get them out of his life forever. He even got in the last word with them when he refused to allow them in the room as their daughter and sister lay dying. He is now free to marry the mother of his two children with whom he's lived for the past 9 years. If there's any money left over from the one million dollar plus medical malpractice settlement, he can keep it all now. His argument that she is beyond help and money spent on rehabilitation is wasted is inarguable now. For Michael Schiavo, it's a win-win situation.

Michael can also take the moral high ground. Even though he denied Terri's parents, brother and sister in their attempts to care for her, he was only carrying out her wishes. She must have also expressed to him that should she ever be unable to care for herself that she would prefer that he start dating again. She must have also told him that she would prefer to be denied the holy sacrament as she lay dying and would not want her parents near her when that time came. That's certainly a lot for a 26 year old to have discussed with her spouse. But if you believe Michael, she must have done so because his only motive was to honor her wishes.

This case was not about euthanasia, quality of life or living wills. It was about whether to allow her loving parents and extended family to keep alive the hope for a miracle while continuing to care for her or allow her husband, who obviously had a conflict of interest to end her life. Our judicial system failed miserably when it allowed her to be starved to death.