Saturday, July 31, 2004

I think it could work

At 2:25 AM, Bigandmean said…

Jen, I know you love the theater. I have an idea for a screen play. Maybe Broadway too, like Mel Brooks in the Producers. ALa71 and I have planned over on her blog to invade France. We know how easy it'll be so I'm taking Paris by myself, she'll take care of Cannes and the South of France. I think we can recruit Rose and Rhea. They'll have the toughest job. They'll be in charge of education. You'll hold the cabinet position of fashion commissioner.

Wardrobe: I'm wearing jeans and boots and a big ole John Wayne hat. You, Ala71, Rhea and Rose will be wearing black matching leather outfits and look like those Charley's Angels girls, leaping up and down and making martial arts sounds.

The French women will be wearing berets, striped shirts and short skirts. The French men will be wearing berets, striped shirts and short skirts.

Scene I - The French will be caught completely by surprise when I invade Paris. They will all be riding around on bicycles, eating cheese and saying bonjour a lot. They say Wee Wee a lot too. When they find out that I'm invading and declaring myself emperor for life they go wee wee a lot.

The French break out in a spontaneous chorus from "Le Miserables". "Do you hear the la, la, la, la, la,.... it is the sound of angry men wearing tight skirts". When they finish the first verse they immediately surrender and begin speaking perfect English.

ALa71 reports in and she has all of Cannes and The South of France locked up. They're in a prison called "le abu gruib la Bare". She's having Michael Moore stand in front of them naked until they talk. They spill their guts. So does Michael Moore.

Rose and Rhea report that they are having a hard time teaching the French any common sense. The French can be so stubborn. And little. Rose and Rhea try to explain to them that they will all have to work and that the welfare state is a dead pressed duck under glass. No work, no pay and certainly no more snails and goose liver. The french don't understand the relationship between work and reward. Gene Hackman makes a guest appearance and announces that there is just no french connection.

Scene Two begins with me walking the grounds of the palace followed by several frenchmen carrying little buckets just in case I..... well you know. It's good to be the King!!!

What do you think so far? Hello Broadway? Are we talking the Great White Way?

A brilliant post from

Ala71 rules.

Friday, July 30, 2004
What I Have Learned From the Left -"Crystal Clear"

1. The first rule is to question everything that the President does –even in a time or war. It is our duty in a democracy and it is unpatriotic not to do so –especially in a time of war. If the ‘other side’ says that we are aiding and abetting the enemy –we scream ‘foul’ and claim that they are contesting our constitutional guarantee of dissent.

2. The second rule is ALWAYS distrust the motives of the President –it’s a personal check and balance that keeps us safer.

3. We must always criticize the economy –regardless of what the numbers show. It is unpatriotic to assume that ‘America can’t be better’. It would dishonor those killed on 9/11 not to expect more of our leaders.

4. We must always remember the economic horn of plenty that Clinton provided-don’t let anyone imply this was a tech bubble; and reject the idea of the Clinton/Gore recession in 2000-2001 because they can not be blamed that a tech bubble burst.

5. You can cover all political bases by voting for a war, but then criticizing it later. This is an important rule as you will always have two sides to stand on regardless of the crowd that you are addressing. The hawks will respect you for voting for it, and the doves will love you for protesting against it.

6. If your constituents are mad that you voted for the war just vote against the funding of the war. To avoid people saying that you are hurting the troops, claim that the bill was worded wrong and that you didn’t want to give the President a ‘blank check’. When all else fails continue to evoke the evils of the President.

7. Attempt to discredit everyone in the current Administration even if some were appointed by your political allies. When they are correct –take credit. If they mess up –cut them and run and blame the Administration for keeping him too long.

8. Use any minor infraction to discredit the opposition. Try not to belittle the soldiers, because the American people won’t like that but the Administration is fair game. If you discover people putting underwear on someone else’s head or treating a prisoner in any way less than would be expected at the Waldorf Astoria, report ‘wide-spread torture’ and keep using the word ‘atrocity’. While you are at it –bring impeachment charges against the President just incase he wins a second term-start proceeding immediately. Downplay any horror committed by the opposition as retaliation for the war in general.

9. Do not let them use Nick Berg / Paul Johnson as a diversion to any news here at home –dwelling on these deaths may remind the people what we are fighting for and there is a possibility they may rally behind the President.

10. Constantly remind your constituents of all the awful things that America has done –never let them de-humanize the enemy or label them as ‘terrorists’ because they will relate it to 9/11 and may rally behind this corrupt administration. Remind them that we have done terrible things to African Americans and the Japanese and that we are not superior to anyone-reiterate cultural tolerance (Maybe even quote one of the 'nice' verses from the Koran).

11. Don’t let America forget that we too have bombed things and killed innocent civilians and that the opposition in the Middle East are just young freedom fighters who strongly believe in what they are fighting for …didn’t we kill the British when we felt that they were invading our land.

This is what I have learned in the past two weeks in my conversations with liberals on these blogs. It is wrong for me to have a flag or a yellow ribbon because that is implying that Republicans own Patriotism and that those who don’t want to fly the flag somehow love the country less than I do. I should be more worried about protecting a person’s right to borrow 'Tthe Anarchist Cookbook' from the library, and having it be kept private, than the security of my homeland –because that is the premise my homeland was built on. I should never insinuate that we should feel funny if 5 Muslim men -in there 20s- all get on my plane reading the Koran... because that would be racial profiling and lots of Muslims love the West and if we go down that road they may all end up in interment camps. The other side can accuse the president of every atrocity known to man, but I can question nothing about John Kerry because he served in Vietnam…

Does everyone know that…John Kerry was on a swift boat in Vietnam?

posted by ALa71 @ 5:35 PM

Thursday, July 29, 2004

I like shiny things

I believe that in order to join in on a political debate, you must do your research. I cleared my evening and tore myself away from the “Blog that ate my brain” in order to watch and report on the “boneless, skinless, boiled chicken convention”. Am I calling the Dems poultry? Nay, my happy little flowers. I am calling the convention bland. Homogenized. Fat free. Flavor free. Like boiled chicken. I want someone to run up to the podium with a mighty Dean “YAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!”. Alas, other than the all too brief interlude with Reverend Sharpton, I have been disappointed thus far.

So, for those of my dear, fellow Republicans who opted out of watching, allow me to relay my experiences. I poured myself a fabulous glass of wine, grabbed pen and paper in case something struck me for the blog, put on my fuzzy bunny slippers, and settled in to a comfy chair to watch this one-term senator make his case that he’s a bad-ass.

Cute family. Daughter intros. Edwards walks out, hair nice and shiny.
Internal dialogue – ooooo!!!! Shiiiiiiny. I like shiny things. I write down the word “Shiny”.

Thunderous applause. Dems go crazy. I take a sip of wine.

"Where I come from, you don't judge someone's values based on how they use that word in a political ad. You judge their values based upon what they've spent their life doing,"
Internal dialogue – uhmm…Ewwwww. Trial lawyer. Ewwww. I raise my glass and toast the poor souls who get screwed with their medical bills because of Trial Lawyers pushing up costs of medicine through their frivolous lawsuits (and before you ninnies start screeching, I know some of them are valid, but I’m anti-ambulance chaser!)

blah blah blah

Internal dialogue – Southern accents are fun. I take a sip of wine, mesmerized by the Carolina lilt. I write down accent and draw some hearts.

blah blah blah “Two Americas” blah blah.
Internal dialogue – I thought there were three – North, South and Central. I drink a toast to all three. Steve Martin pops in to my head saying “I was born a poor black child” from the movie “The Jerk”. Hmm. I need to watch that again. I giggle, and take another sip. I write down “Three Americas”.

blah blah blah
I write down his parents are cute. I drink a toast to them. I can’t imagine how cool of a moment it must be for them. I drink a second toast to Mom and Dad Edwards.

"So when a man volunteers to serve his country, a man volunteers and puts his life on the line for others, that's a man who represents real American values."
Internal dialogue – Huh? Did Edwards go to war? Hmm. Confused. I write down soldier and some question marks. I start to take a sip of wine. Hmmm, Empty. Where’s that bottle.

blah blah blah
“Hope is on the way”
Internal dialogue – Why are they chanting? Hope? Who is Hope. Is she the next speaker? I find the bottle, lose the glass, write down “Who the hell is Hope”.

"You cannot run. You cannot hide. We will destroy you."
Internal dialogue - Terrorism! Yes!!!! Kick all their asses!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I take a swig from the bottle. Dubya, is that you? I write down I heart Dubya. Three times.

“Between now and November, you, the American people, you can reject the tired, old, hateful, negative politics of the past."
Internal dialogue – Woo-hoo!!!!!! They’re finally putting Ted Kennedy out to pasture???? Rock on Shiny Hair! Rock on!!!!! I take another hit off the bottle, and lose my pen.

Me - Honnneeeeeeeey?!?!?!?!?!
him - WHAT!
Me - I need a pen!
him – WHY!!!!
me – For the greater good!
him – HUH?
Me – I like shiny hair!!!!
him – mutters…efffing blog…WELL GET ONE FROM THE DESK!!!!
Me - I can’t.
Him - WHY!
Me - Because I have no legs.
Him - ARE YOU DRUNK?!?!?!?!??!?!??!

BigandMean opens up a can of whoop-ass

Since I believe BigandMean is the smartest, most handsome man on the planet, I must repost this as it's own topic. Does it have anything to do with the nice compliments he paid me? Perhaps. :)


At 2:19 AM, Bigandmean said…

Yes, we've had massive government spending since 9-11. Increased security, victims compensation, ad-nauseum administrative costs for hearings such as the 9-11 Commission, and a WAR. Like it or not we are at war. Wars (I feel silly explaining this to you) cost lots of money.

Maybe I have to explain this to you because although your light is on nobodies' home. Or is it that you're a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Or not the sharpest tool.......never mind, that's the one you used on MrMalcolm. But hey! Just kidding!

Not only are we at war and trying to pay for all the costs associated with it, we have also had to replace a good portion of our equipment and armament because they were so ignored and depleted in the 90's.

The Republicans have fed at the Federal trough once they gained power, almost as much as the Democrats do. No politicians that I have seen, other than maybe the Govenator in California, has had the guts to say no to their constituancies plans to raid the coffers once they have the chance. The Democrats though, have created an entire underclass that is dependant upon government largesse and repays the Democrats with votes. They will always remain dependant unless they abandon the plantation mentality that the Democrats have so successfully shackeled them with for so long.

On another note Lefty, Jen tells me you're an OK guy. I'd believe anything she says so you must be OK. I've read everything Jen has written as far as I know and I think she is brilliant. Her parents must be very proud.

And MrMalcolm, what was it with that "bite me" stuff. Are you serious or were you just flirting? Behave now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

And now for something completely different...

Here's a picture of some kittens.

How about we change the subject to the weather.

It's raining here.

How is it in your neck of the woods?


Is anyone else freaking out because there is not a new post from CBFTW????

Something old, something new

First, the new...
To my fellow republicans - if you have not seen this video going around in email-world yet, check it out immediately -
It brought tears to my eyes. I love that Josh Groban song.

And The old (well, old in that it was written yesterday)
I keep going back to re-read this comment from BigandMean. In case you missed it, here is part of it. I think it's fantastic.

At 8:38 PM, Bigandmean said…
Conservatives, in general, are hard-working decent people who value home, family, God and country. We distain the political kooks on the far right as much as we distain those on the left. We realize that having a dialogue is healthy for a democracy and that there are two sides to every argument and that people who disagree with us may be as well meaning as we are. We believe that our country has benefitted from both conservative and liberal philosophy and that neither side has a monopoly on virtue. We are usually too involved with our jobs, families and churches to get very much involved with politics until the presidential election comes along. We hunt and fish. We love sports, especially football, but don't care a thing about soccer or the Tour-De-France. We obey the law and respect law enforcement personnel. We know that some law officers abuse their power and should be punishied when they do. We don't ask for govenment help and have a strong belief in self-reliance and taking care of our own. We believe that abortion should be regulated and not available on demand as a birth control device. We believe that the govenment should not pay for abortions nor use the tax money of those who oppose abortion to fund it. We believe in a strong defense. We believe that a strong defense is a deterent to future 9-11s and Pearl Harbors. We believe that the First Amendment was intended to protect religion from government rather than the other way around. We do not believe that the govenment should be subserviant to religious interests and should remain independant of it. We believe strongly in volunteerism, and that we can do things better ourselves rather than get the govenment involved. We believe that someone living in public housing who complains that the government has been too slow to clean the trash from her yard or paint his walls is in serious need of re-education. We have a frontier like mentality that mirrors our independance. We are tough physically, mentally and emotionally - just like our frontier ancestors were. We accept the judicial process even though we may not always agree with the results. We don't agree with Roe vs. Wade but we accept it as the law of the land. Whining about a lost election four years after the fact by clinging to an unrealistic claim seems childish and immature to us. We believe that former presidents should refrain from publicly critcizing sitting ones and to do otherwise is crass and disrespectful of the office. We prefer the approach in this regard to that of Bush I and Reagan, rather than the political pot-shots lobbed at Bush II by Carter and Clinton. We think that Clinton was immoral and that the president, while not infallible, should show some semblence of morality. We believe that having oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office is obsene and shameful. Lying about it on national televion is not good either. We believe that theft of top secret government documents from the National Archives, followed by the failure to return all that were taken is criminal. We believe that no matter what the politcs of a person who may have done such a thing, a complete investigation should be demanded and completed, not stone-walled. We don't believe that the Attorney General has done anything wrong by investigating this incident for the past 9 months without public comment. We don't believe that all liberals hate our troops but that they are often insensitive and disrespectful to those who serve and their families.

We do not hate liberals but love and respect them as fellow Americans with many of the same wants, needs and values that we have. We are self-disciplined to the extent that we try to refrain from name calling and vitriol comments. We are imperfect and make mistakes but we mean well.

That's who we are. Do you think it is possible to have political discourse with people who define themselves in this manner? If not , then you may continue to call us insane liars, etc., without objection from us. We are too busy living life, volunteering, going to church, caring for our families and taking care of our careers to spend any time arguing with you to the contrary. Here's hoping we can have an honest dialogue without the emotional name calling.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


By Special Guest, "Bigandmean"

The Dems hollered censorship when thousands of former Dixie Chicks fans threw away their records and refused to buy any more of their music. Censorship is actually government action, and of course, when private citizens make choices for whatever reason, that is not censorship. Neither is it censorship when a private corporation, such as USA Today makes a choice as it did by refusing to run Ann Coulter's column. It was obvious as to why thousands of citizens took the action they did in the Dixie Chicks matter - they disagreed with the DC's politics and weren't interested in supporting them. USA Today did the same thing. They disagreed with Ann Coulter's politics and weren't interested in supporting her. The only problem here is that USA Today, a national newspaper, is pretending to be fair and balanced but still wants to reserve the right to edit Ann's column if they disagree with it's political content. Their hypocracy has reached new heights. Why not publish the article and let the public decide?

As to her style, most of us "get it" when she calls the Democratic delegates the Spawn of Satan. She's kidding, making fun, not really serious and maybe a little over the top. I wouldn't use such terms to refer to those assholes but everyone has his own style.

For Ala71....

I know this will get your motor running Ala71. Can't wait to read your reaction.

So brace yourselves, and delve in to the mind of a Left-winger. It's a scary place.

This is from Davesplash's blog, part of a post titled 7.26.2004
Taking the cat to the vet and other exciting events

From At 10:26 AM, DaveSplash said…
Been watching the Democratic National convention tonight. President Carter just finished speaking a few minutes ago. Al Gore was on earlier, and President Clinton will be up in a little while. I have never been so convinced in my political convictions before in my life. John Kerry HAS to win. This country simply cannot take four more years of W. The Republicans are VERY afraid of losing, and it is beginning to show. Fox News Channel (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican party) didn't even air the Gore speech. Hmmmm, didn't want to remind the viewers of who actually won 4 years ago? Also, the right-wing media (in addition to Fox) is getting increasingly nasty. Right-wing wack-job Ann Coulter in her column today called the Dems convention the "spawns of Satan" convention -- and which side is slanderous? USA Today correctly refused to run the column, but, of course, a far-right fringe website called 'human events' ran it.

Coulter is a perfect example of conservatives in America: dishonest, slanderous, paranoid, violent, morally bankrupt, divisive, and completely insane! The Republicans have gone so far to the right that it is truly frightening in some parts of the country. I am one of those people that wants to believe that all Americans are on the same side. We may have different ideas about how to deal with our nation's problems, but we all have the same goal. I have begun to question whether people on the right share that view. Their vitriol has gotten so extreme that I am starting to believe we may be becoming a Balkan-ized type of country. When people like Sean Hannity (of Fox News of course) can publish a book that on it's cover says the two biggest threats to America are terrorism and liberalism, I have to question the motives of those on the right. Right wing radio host Neal Boortz said on his show last Friday that people who would vote for John Kerry are a bigger threat to America than Al-queda! What sort of person could actually believe such crap. I don't think I share the same values as those two (just two of the many), and the millions of people who buy their books, listen to their radio shows, and watch them on TV. Liberals get a little animated sometimes, and occasionally cross the line, but no one in the mainstream of the Democratic Party would ever say that republicans are as dangerous as terrorists. That is unacceptable rhetoric, and I have not heard a single prominent, or even obscure, conservative condemn Hannity, Limbaugh, O'reilly, Coulter, Boortz, Michael Savage, or any of the so-called news reports on Fox. Don't be fooled, the negative tone in politics did not begin recently. These far-right lunatics began in 1992, and have never stopped. We were forced to hear their garbage about Bill Clinton for eight years, and the right has only gotten more negative.

I gotta go. Clinton is on in a few minutes, and I don't want to miss it. Makes me nostalgic for better times.


Monday, July 26, 2004

*singing*...baaaaanned from the USA....

Punkin' on dems in a place called Beantown
The first kick she gave was when she hit the ground

Banned from the USA (paper)
Anne was banned from the USA (paper)

Here's excerpts from the contraband Coulter article. I feel so frisky all of a sudden.

Posted: July 26, 2004
4:15 p.m. Eastern
By Ann Coulter
© 2004

...As for the pretty girls, I can only guess that it's because liberal boys never try to make a move on you without the U.N. Security Council's approval. Plus, it's no fun riding around in those dinky little hybrid cars. My pretty-girl allies stick out like a sore thumb amongst the corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie-chick pie wagons they call "women" at the Democratic National Convention.

...Apparently, the nuts at the Democratic National Convention are going to be put in cages outside the convention hall. Sadly, they won't be fighting to the death as is done in W.W.F. caged matches. They're calling this the "protestor's area," although I suppose a better name would be the "truth-free zone."

...I thought this was a great idea until I realized the "nut" category did not include Sharpton, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy – all featured speakers at the convention. I'd say the actual policy is only untelegenic nuts get the cages, but little Dennis Kucinich is speaking at the Convention, too. So it must be cages for "nuts who have not run for president as serious candidates for the Democratic Party."

...Looking at the line-up of speakers at the Convention, I have developed the 7-11 challenge: I will quit making fun of, for example, Dennis Kucinich, if he can prove he can run a 7-11 properly for 8 hours. We'll even let him have an hour or so of preparation before we open up. Within 8 hours, the money will be gone, the store will be empty, and he'll be explaining how three 11-year olds came in and asked for the money and he gave it to them.

...Walking back from the convention site, I chatted with a normal Bostonian for several blocks – who must have identified me through our covert system of signals. He was mostly bemused by the Democrats' primetime speakers and told me he used to be an independent, but for the last 20 years found himself voting mostly Republican. Then he corrected himself and said he votes for the "American."

...I'd say I love all these Democrats in Boston so much I want them to go home, but I don't. I want Americans to get a good long look at the French Party and keep the 7-11 challenge in mind.

First post of many I am sure...

....on the Dem convention.

This morning I heard on the radio that John "I am just a poor conservative farm boy even though I'm a leftist hippy billionare" Kerry's press passes have some sort of Rolls Royce logo on them. HA. For the little people my ass. The radio host was talking about the "spin" that the Kerry spokesperson put on it. It went something like this:

"'s like, you know, a like...uhm...comment....on you uhm....Bush's tax for the used that and staffer that...uhm....put that no ones...uhm...permission, yeah do that....but it wasn't like...uhm...because Kerry's loaded....because he's not, I repeat,'s all his flaky...oops! I's all his wife's...but uhm...yeah...republicans are bad...mmmkay?"

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Red Alert - a zefrank film

I've been hooked on zefrank for years. He was responsible for the "How to Dance Properly" email that circulated heavily a couple years ago. I surfed over to his site today, and found this new film.

My fellow Republicans - view this at your own risk. It makes fun of Homeland Security. I was laughing as I watched it, but I also had to fight the urge to throw something.

My dearest Dark Imperial Overload LeftyJones - you will love this.

Celebrity encounters -- my vida loca

This is going to be a hard post to write, because I need to stay vague to protect the innocent (ie…ME) (no laughing allowed scarlotta!).

Through my job I have encountered famous people and their families pretty frequently over the years. I have a thousand hard-to-believe stories about working with them (almost all of those people are insane. Seriously.) but out of fear of my identity being revealed (and of being sued of course) I’ll have to try resist the urge to tattle.

Late last night at the end of my obnoxiously long work day, I began thinking about how or if I could begin talking about my job adventures, without giving away too much. I think if I keep it simple, I can get away with it.

I have some favorite stories from over the years.

The Political Sort – working with secret service agents to enable “first daughters’ to see live music, and a former “first couple” to enjoy a night at the theater several times over the years. I still have business cards from the agents I worked with. That was so darn cool. The last one I dealt with opened up about the Clinton years. Boy was that interesting. She told me that all the agents she knew were thrilled to have the Bush's back in the white house. The Clinton's apparently treated them with contempt and like servants, for the most part. No big surprise there.

Actor related – watching Jerry Lewis goof around with a police officer backstage while Jerry was touring in a musical (they were play fighting, it ended with Jerry "arresting" the cop, and then he heard his cue, and scampered back to the audience, back in character. I was amazed.).

Musician related – I don't even know where to start with them. In fact, maybe it's because I'm exhausted, but pretty much every story that is popping in to my head is a tabloid friendly one involving drugs, prostitutes, toilet seat phobias or green M and M's.

But what prompted me to want to write this post today was a wonderful encounter I had Friday night.

One of my employees came in to my office and told me that JP Richardson was on the phone for me. Who is JP Richardson, you may be asking yourself? Be patient, my flowers.

I had this terrific conversation with this funny man with the familiar voice. It was driving me nuts. I knew I should know him. We were talking about how he is close friends with Hank Williams Jr, so I thought he must be a musician.

And then BAM! It came to me!!!!

JP Richardson Senior was from Beaumont, Texas. His stage nickname was "The Big Bopper". He was killed along with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens in that terrible plane crash.

Here's a clip from JP Senior's (known as "Jape") biography on Jr's website:

Throughout '58, Jape signed onto many tours to promote his record. His last tour being the Winter Dance Party of 1959. The tour was scheduled to play in remote locations throughout mid-west United States, and the mid-west was suffering a harsh winter. The bus provided to the musicians had engine problems and no heating system. For this last reason Jape had caught the flu. When the tour rolled into Clear Lake Iowa, Buddy Holly chartered a plane to fly his band to the next gig. Jape approached Buddy's bass player, Waylon Jennings, and asked for Jennings seat on the plane, so that Jape could get some rest and a doctors appointment. Waylon agreed and gave his seat to Jape, a decision that saved him, but killed the Bopper. Waylon would feel guilty for this for some time. The plane took off from Mason City Airport around 1:00 the morning of February 3rd, 1959, and crashed 8 miles after takeoff, killing Jape, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the pilot Roger Peterson. At the time of his death, Jape was 28 years old. His wife, Adrian, was pregnant with their second child. Jay P. Richardson would be born 84 days after his father's death. Jape's body was flown back to Beaumont by private plane. After his funeral the streets were lined with fans watching the long procession of cars moving to the cemetery.

So I am having this conversation with JP Junior and it dawns on me who it is. I was raised on JP Senior's song "Chantilly lace".....Heeeeeellloooo BAAAAAAAAAY-BEH!!!
Chantilly lace and a pretty face and a pony tale, hangin' down.... JP Junior sounds just like his Daddy. During this great conversation, he asked me if I knew who his Daddy was, so I gave him my best Hellllllooooo BAAAAAAAAAY-BEH and he started laughing (I am always told I sound really young on the phone). Gosh it was fun talking to him. It turns out he even has recorded a cd, ala Natalie and Nat King Cole, with a lot of his father's music. JP junior sent me signed, personalized photo and cd. I absolutely spazzed.

Why did I spaz?

I can't even remember the last time I actually enjoyed an encounter with a famous person or a family member of a famous person. Over the years, when you do what I do, it is easy to become jaded and cynical about famous or related-to-famous people. It was just......the coolest moment. I flashed back to child-hood memories with my Daddy singing that Big Bopper song...I can't wait until Dad gets back from Florida so that I can tell him about it.

Friday, July 23, 2004

How to woo a Republican, in five easy steps (pay attention leftyjones)

1. Change title of blog from “Think like me” to “Liberals for Bush”

2.  Place the following bumper stickers all over your brand spankin’ new SUV (complete with gun rack of course)  “Flush the Johns” , “I heart Halliburton”, “Dubya Reloaded 2004”,  “10 out of 10 terrorists agree, anybody but Bush”, “PETA – People for the edible treatment of animals”, and last but not least, “Even on drugs…Rush is right.”

3. Seek and destroy Ben and Jerry’s “Pants on fire” Bush effigy so that a certain republican may once again enjoy her beloved “half-baked” ice cream in peace.

4. A quote from the divine Ala71…”5 simple words: I will vote for Bush.
And number five……………a SHRUBBERY! (and if you know that reference, you may eliminate the bumper sticker of your choice)

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Ode to a frightened Canadian

Bless your heart dponce80. You really are a good sport.
What began as a heated political debate under the thread “a reply” has morphed in to a lesson in “Texas Tall Tales”.  Before I post part of the conversation, here’s the deal with the “Triple T”. The thing that makes them great is that there is always just enough truth in them to make you think the whole thing might be true. 
So please allow me to set the scene.

-dponce80 and BigandMean debate politics, disagree, find common ground, make friends
-BigandMean invites dponce80 to Texas, and several other Texans jump in and also extend an invitation.
-dponce mentions he has always wanted to visit Texas, and that he has heard of a steak house where if you finish a giant steak you eat for free. The Texans confirm it is true.
I'll put dponce in bold. His reaction is truly, as we say here,  a hoot.

The stage is set, so let the stories begin and the bullshit fly…

·                                 At 4:30 PM, Bigandmean said…
Hey dponce,We do have that steak thing that you mentioned. To get it free, you have to eat a 5 pound sirloin in one hour. I'm 6"8" tall and weigh 310 so it's not a problem for me. I try to make it once a week but I have to go in disguise because they've banned me from most of the local restaurants. It's not easy going in disguise when you're my size.

There is a restaurant in Midland, Texas that has a new twist on this "eat it all and it's free" thing. The customer is locked in a rodeo area with a live cow. All you are given is a butcher knife and a barbeque grill. You have two hours to produce a five pound steak, cook it and eat it on the spot. If you finish on time, it's free. If you don't, you have to pay for the whole cow. They call it "kill it and grill it". So far it's only been done once so I'm itching to give it a shot.

·                                 At 7:43 PM, scarlotta62 said…
Once, my family was out at the ranch. I noticed that there was this fat calf in his own, special barn with lots of good feed. I thought he was a pet. I asked my dad what the calf's name was. His reply was "Dinner". I couldn't eat meat for a long, long time after that. Chicken only. I couldn't bear the thought of eating something that I knew.

·                                 At 8:02 PM, ~Jen~ said…
Hey BigandMean,Didn't you tell me once that when you were a kid the same thing that happened to Scarlot happend to you with a hog? I'm fuzzy on the details.

·                                 At 1:44 AM, Bigandmean said…
Hi Jen,Yes ,we had two pigs. My brother and I loved those pigs, Oprah and Porky. We trained them to do tricks like fetch and roll over. They'd let us ride on their backs and we'd play pigboys and indians. We hung out with those pigs so much I'll swear I think my brother grew a snout! The first cold day that fall we found out the awful truth. Our parents intended to kill and eat Oprah and Porky. And they did. The moral to that story is, "never name a pig you intend to eat".

·                                 At 1:54 AM, Bigandmean said…
Hi again Jen,My brother eventually lost his snout after we ate Opah and Porky but he developed a serious psychological problem. He decided he was a cow. He acted like a cow in every way. He refused to talk anymore, he just mooed. He insisted on sleeping in the barn and wouldn't eat anything except hay and grass. He grazed all day long and insisted on wearing a bell around his neck. This went on for about ten years. We were so poor back in those days on the farm that we all agreed not to tell him the truth earlier because we needed the milk.

·                                 At 2:42 AM, dponce80 said…
This is like being in the twilight zone.

Look, you guys. You're talking about all this, like it's nothing, cause you've lived this life... all your life, I guess. To me, the thought of a restaurant where you kill your own food (other than lobsters... and THAT'S stretching it) just seems so out of this world, I can't put words on it.I... I just don't know what to say. You know those cartoons where the character's jaw loudly drops to the ground? Well, that was my reaction to Bigandmean's story of "Kill it and Grill it"...
It... aw, shucks, I just don't know, I guess we're all pussies up here, what can I tell you?I'll just take my steak.. all cut up for me, with all the trimmings thank you.
Though 5pounds seems like a hell of a lot.5 pounds... that's like 5% of my girlfriend's weight.

·                                 At 10:27 AM, scarlotta62 said…
There was another time (before the "Dinner" incident...we were sitting at the table eating our steaks - that's ALL we ever ate, it seems - I used to complain about that - stupid kid - and I asked my dad, "Do you have to kill the cow to get the steaks?" He answered "No, you just go out to the field, cut off a little bit of meat, then bring it home and cook it. Now take a bite. Did you hear that? Every time you take a bite the cow moos!" It's a miracle I'm not a vegetarian.

·                                 At 10:59 AM, dponce80 said…
that must have given you Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or some such mental illness, no? My mom, once, when I wouldn't shut up in the airport between flights, told me that if I didn't go to sleep, my brain would seep out my ears. I shut up after that. The funny thing is, now, 18 years later, she always brings it up, and pathetically apologizes for it, as if it did some sort of permanent damage...Maybe it did. 
Were these "tales" true? Hmmmm.... did dponce catch on and join in with his own tale? Was Scarlot's cow story true? At least half of the pig story was true, I have heard parts of it before, but was one really named Oprah? Well, maybe or maybe not. I will not confirm or deny anything. *grin* Come and visit Texas, and maybe you'll be able to figure it out.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ben and Jerry - a lament for half-baked

My husband and I have joined the low-carb craze that is sweeping the nation. It was extremely difficult, until I discovered Ben and Jerry's low carb ice cream, "half-baked". It's low-carb cookie dough ice cream. My name is Jennifer,  (hello Jennifer) and I am an addict to Ben and Jerry's "half-baked" ice cream. It has been approximately twelve hours, since I last tasted this manna from heavan.

My fellow conservatives, do you find yourselves skipping a Tim Robbins or Susan Surandon movie like I do? I used to admire them. I loved "Shawshank Redemption" and "Bull Durham", but I just can't sit through them anymore. Did you throw away your "Stuart Smally self-help cd" (Al Franken comedy cd)? Mine used to make me laugh. Not anymore. Did you vow never to watch "Yentl" again? Well, maybe that one doesn't count. Yentl sucked.

Though I appreciated some of their earlier work, it was not difficult for me to put any of the "screaming meanies" (those mentioned above plus all the other usual suspects) on my internal boycott list.

But now I have reached a serious delimma.

I just read this artice from the Seattle Post Intelligencer (is it me or is that rather pompous?)through a link on drudge. Here's part of it:

Ben & Jerry's co-founder inflamed by Bush

Call it the burning Bush.

The co-founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is on the road, towing a 12-foot-tall effigy of President Bush with fake flames shooting out of the pants. Ben Cohen believes it is an acceptable way to point out what he calls the president's lies.  "In a polite society, you don't go up to a person and look at them in the face and say, 'You're a liar,'" Cohen said Monday in a telephone interview. The Pants on Fire Tour rolled into Spokane on Tuesday.

"We think it's a lot more dignified and there's a lot more decorum to say, 'Excuse me sir, your pants are getting a little warm, don't you think?'" Cohen said. The "PantsOnFire-Mobile" is a trailer pulled behind a car. The Bush character is wearing a flight suit with the words "Mission Accomplished" emblazoned on the back, a reference to the president's declaration that major hostilities had ended in Iraq. An electronic ticker on the front shows what Cohen says are Bush's lies.  The head is a rotating cylinder with various Bush facial expressions.

Ben & Jerry's pioneered "mobile promotions," when Cohen and co-founder Jerry Greenfield took an RV across the country and doled out ice cream on a nationwide "scooping tour," in lieu of expensive national advertising. The same concept is at work with the PantsOnFire-Mobile, Cohen said Monday. The project is run by volunteers. Cohen flies to a town to train a crew of drivers, teaching them things like how to crank up the smoke machine. Volunteers come from an Internet organization Cohen founded called, which he said has 500,000 members.

Blah blah blah. Blather on. Blather on. There's more to that article. I just don't want it on my site.

I guess my ice cream isn't the only thing that is "half-baked".

*heavy sigh*

I don't want them to have any more of my hard-earned money, but how, oh please tell me how, am I every going to survive??!?!?!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Found this in my "comments"

At 10:00 PM, MrMalcolm said…

Girls, girls, girls!!! For shame, for shame, for shame!!! All of you seem to be reveling in this "girly man" stuff that big ugly gorilla in California keeps calling all those Democrats. Don't you know how painful it can be to be disparaged in such a way? The implication is just over the top. I just can't stop crying. Being called names and being put down like this is just so unacceptable I think I'm going to puke! My little siamese cat, Rowena, knows how upset I am and now she's acting like she has another hair ball for God's sake. Being this upset makes me feel so plain looking, so ordinary. Looking at myself in the mirror wearing my new Cher hair piece doesn't even help. Listen up girls! NOW HEAR THIS! Just because I'm a little different doesn't mean I'm a damn Democrat!!! OK???
I'm......speechless....and laughing my arse off.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Shut up and sing!!!!

Laura Ingraham rules.
I found a link to this on
Monday, July 19, 2004
Las Vegas Review-Journal

At Aladdin, singer rubs wrong way

Linda Ronstadt apparently got what she wanted -- to be 86'd from the Aladdin.
In a bizarre performance notable for its bridge-burning comments, Ronstadt inflamed more than her Aladdin audience on Saturday by taking potshots at Las Vegas and dedicating "Desperado" to "Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker Michael Moore.

When her show was over, the Aladdin had her checked out of her room and escorted off the premises.

Many walked out during the show, one concertgoer tossed a cocktail on her poster, others defaced her posters and the box office was "a mob scene" of people seeking refunds, according to an Aladdin spokeswoman.

"It's amazing how ugly it got," said Tyri Squyres, director of public relations at the Aladdin.
Ronstadt was a one-woman heat wave.

Early in the show she told the crowd not to expect her greatest hits and added a snide remark or two about Las Vegas and the Aladdin. Scores of fans filed out when Ronstadt made her dedication to Moore and his controversial political film.

"Our management is incredibly upset," Squyres said. "We're just very disappointed because we hired her for a good evening of entertainment for our guests.

"It was like she came in with a chip on her shoulder," Squyres said.
Ronstadt allowed no meet-and-greets and no photographers.
Squyres said Ronstadt "inaccurately" told the crowd she saw a billboard that promoted a greatest-hits show. Ronstadt's camp had provided and approved all ads, commercials, billboards and news releases, Squyres said.

"To be clear, the Aladdin does not condone the comments made by Ms. Ronstadt," Squyres said by e-mail. "Ms. Ronstadt was hired to entertain the guests of the Aladdin, not to espouse her political views. Following her performance she was escorted out of the hotel and immediately checked out of her room. And she will not be welcomed back."

In an interview with the R-J's Mike Weatherford before the show, Ronstadt said with a laugh: "I keep hoping that if I'm annoying enough to them, they won't hire me back."
Alicia, aka Ala71, has a great post on about values. She compares the "Flush the John's" Hollywood bashfest...errr....I mean Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert. Quite a startling contrast. Check it out.

Interesting debate

Very interesting comments under the post "A Reply". I look forward to joining in when I get a break at work. Thanks to everyone who has contributed their thoughts.
WollyBully, I read this Ahnald quote this morning and it made me laugh.
I'm posting this in for you. *grin*
"If they don't have the guts to come up here in front of you and say, 'I don't want to represent you, I want to represent those special interests, the unions, the trial lawyers ... if they don't have the guts, I call them girlie men," Schwarzenegger said to the cheering crowd at a mall food court in Ontario.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Voices of Iraq

I'm addicted to the Iraqi Citizen Blogs. One of my favorites is
I've been involved the last couple days in some heated debates on Iraq, America and our military. After reading the "iraq the model" blog today, I decided to let these Iraqis speak for themselves... these are all copied and pasted from "iraq the model"
"I think that Bush and Blair are the heroes of democracy, humanity and the war on terror and state terror. It’s possible that some intelligence reports were exaggerated but the result at the end is in the interest of the Iraqi people. Those two men deserve all appreciation and respect.
I can say that there was some exaggeration in the criticism also because Saddam did use chemical weapons against us and against Iran."
Zana sefeen-Iraq.

"Who said there are no WMDs in Iraq? The most dangerous WMD exists and the American troops captured it. It’s the weapon that exterminated five million Iraqis and hundreds of thousands from our neighbors impoverished, detained and tortured. Saddam Hussain is the WMD in Iraq. Isn’t a weapon with such capabilities worth to go for a war to (disarm it)? Saving twenty million people from that weapon, isn’t that worth the effort?"
Hasan Al-Shammari-Baghdad.

"America and the UK have offered the human race the greatest favor ever by toppling the ghoul of Iraq. All the debates and the investigations in these two countries are motivated by political ambitions and jealousy rather than the protection of the country and constitution. Bush and Blair deserve a Noble Prize for peace"
Abdulrahman Al-Alwani-Syria.

"Tony Blair made a decision for which we thank him. He’s the man who rid us of the worst dictator in history. Yes, he did a mistake when he didn’t find chemical weapons but Saddam Hussain is more dangerous from those weapons for the Iraqis and Saddam had the money, the scientists and the programs and if he had remained in power he would’ve continued producing WMDs. A world without Saddam in power is safer"
Abu Mohammed Al-Shammary-Danmark.

If the British and American Intelligence have made a mistake and this mistake lead to the decision of the war on Saddam and liberation of Iraq from the hands of what was probably the worst tyranny ever, then what a wonderful mistake! The truth is, Blair was brave in his decision and defied all difficulties in this decision. How can anyone imagine that this was wrong? They gave us back our lost freedom and dignity"
Fakhelddine Sharif-Iraq.

We DID find a weapon of mass destruction. His name is Saddam. And that's the talking point to end all talking points.

Reagan Hood, part deux

I thought this "comment" was so dang funny that I just had to make this it's own post.
It was in response to my "Reagan Hood, Man in Tights" topic.
Wollybully said...

The reason Junior is speaking for the Dems is because of his and Kerry's common background: Yup, before he got into the "marry a wealthy widow thing", John and was into ballet just like Junior. His maternal grandmother, the Baroness von Stumpt, had little John in tights before he could walk. His little diaper hung so far out of the back of his tights when he tried to dance on his tippy toes that it made him look like the Pilsbury Doughboy. As if that wasn't bad enough, all the other boy dancers were more "impressive" than Little John if you know what I mean (think men in tights). Why do you think they called him Little John? Did I mention what they called his brother Dick? Well, never mind. Anyway, Little John and Junior struck up a long standing friendship when Junior introduced him to citrus fruit. Yes, citrus fruit. John had been so distraught because he remained so "unimpressive" and the extent of his unimpressivenes was always so evident when he suited up for a little Swan Lake action. Junior taught Little John the girly man trick of stuffing a few oranges and grapefruits down the front of the old tutu and voila! No more Little John. Since then, other than committing a few war crimes in Viet Nam and lying about it, things have gone pretty good for John F. Kerry, nee Little John. Out of gratitude for the timely advice given him by Junior many years ago, John insisted tha Junior be invited to speak at the convention. And that's how it all happened, I'll swear.
10:41 PM
Wollybully, I think I love you.  (and what am I so afraid of...) hehehehe

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Reagan Hood - Man in Tights

....We're men, MANLY men, we're Men in Tights, we're BUTCH....
Mel Brooks rules.
I have to say that twice.
Mel Brooks rules.
So I just read this article on Reagan Junior, former ballet-dancing-dog-show-hosting-MSNBC- commentating "First son", that really irritated me. Before I dive in, I have nothing against ballet dancers (sometime I will write about dragging my husband to see a ballet once, heavy emphasis on ONCE), dog shows (I appreciate a nice bitch as much as the next person), or anything else. I can't help but find Junior's resume amusing though.
So back to my beef with Junior...
Is anyone else mad that he is now using his father's death/disease to further the leftist agenda that his father completely disagreed with (HELLO?!?!? Father of Modern Conservatism!!!!!!). Mike Reagan has said that Junior never even voted for his Dad for President.
I'll say that again too.
Junior never voted for his father.
Now that I think about it, that's ultimately the biggest reason why I despise him. I love my parents so much. My brother and I were so blessed to be born in to our family. I cannot imagine how a person could completely reject the ideals and values instilled upon them by their parents. I'm not saying a person shouldn't think for themselves. I rebelled a little. I thought I was a democrat for about five minutes in college. God help me I even voted for Ann "Helmut head" Richards for Governor (Whew. Feels good to get THAT dirty little secret off my chest.).
I have heard one theory about Junior - that his parents were so deeply in love that they never saw another person in the room, and because of this great love between them there was little love or time left for the kids. I hope that's not the case. Even though I'm irritated with him, I can't help but feel a little sorry for him if that's what happened to him. 
But dang. Speaking at the dem convention!??!?! Why not just drive by your father's library and shoot the finger at it. It would have the same effect (effect? affect? I always confuse those).
I'll post most of the article that got me all fired up. It's by Steven Milloy.
"Reagan told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the speech was intended "to educate people about stem cell research" rather than be critical of President George Bush. But the Kerry campaign seems to want to scare people by having the son of the revered late President Ronald Reagan decry President Bush and his pro-life supporters as the major roadblocks to a host of supposedly just-around-the-corner miracle cures for cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes and other dreaded diseases.

It will be a junk science-fueled spectacle.

The controversy centers around the use of stem cells derived from destroyed human embryos. So-called "embryonic stem cells" give rise to all other cells and tissues in the human body and have been touted as possibly yielding treatments for a variety of diseases.
Moral concerns over the destruction of human embryos caused President Bush to limit taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research to stem cell lines already in existence. Researchers who were counting on taxpayer funding to conduct research on embryonic stem cells — and then rake in millions of dollars from naive investors — were enraged and began a campaign to pressure the President into opening the taxpayer spigots for embryonic stem cell research on the basis of a wide-eyed hope that cures are near at hand.

Though embryonic stem cell research advocates euphemistically refer to the current state of research as an "early stage," the unfortunate reality is the goal of embryonic stem cell therapies is, at this point, more accurately described as a pipe dream. No researcher is anywhere close to significant progress in developing practical embryonic stem cell therapies. 
The difficulty of embryonic stem cell research is underscored by the lack of progress in cancer research. Despite a 30-year, $40-billion "War on Cancer" launched by President Nixon, researchers continue to have great difficulty in controlling, let alone eradicating, the vast majority of cancer cell growth. Conceptually, controlled deployment of "good" stem cells should be vastly more complex than simply destroying "bad" cancer cells.

None of this is to say that embryonic stem cell research can't possibly lead to some improvements in biological understanding or future therapeutic treatments, but such speculative progress of who-knows-what value isn't in the foreseeable future. The only thing certain is that the cost of that research will be high.
The spectacle of Ron Reagan at the Democratic Convention will be sad, the disgruntled son of the beloved former president misleading the public with naive hopes while being exploited for political gain by opponents of his father's party. That cynical strategy may get John Kerry a few more votes in November, but it's not going to produce any medical miracles anytime soon, if at all."
Junior is being used. His father was pro-life for pete's sake!
I hope this stunt back fires.

Friday, July 16, 2004

My parents are visiting the blog...

Hopefully they won't try to commit me. *wide grin*
It's all your fault Dad.
And I'm grateful.

A reply...

I had this posted in my "comments", but decided to copy it and turn it in to an official post.
I do understand your point duponce. The world IS a scary place right now. But I completely disagree when you lay blame on Bush's doorstep (and NO, I am not a blind follower of anyone or anything, I do not always agree with the "party line", but that's a different topic).
The thing that makes me so angry, is that people seem to have completely forgotten 911, the bombing of the Cole, bombing of various embassies, the first world trade center and even Somalia. We have been "at war" for years with terrorism. Most of the population just didn't realize it until 911. 911 was the final straw, and our people demanded action. Those responsible for 911 and the people who prop them up and fund or support them are the reason this world is a more dangerous place. I do not understand why certain parts of the world think we should have just sat on our hands and let Al Qaeda and Saddam decide where to hit us next.
And NO, I am NOT saying Saddam was responsible for 911. But he hated us, and rejoiced when it happened. He thumbed his nose at the weapons inspecters and UN sanctions (I still do not understand why the heck he did that if there were no WMDs. Why not just come clean and say here ya go.  He'd still be in power living in a palace and murdering dissenters. That doesn't seem to smart to me). I truly believe he would have come after us. Now that monster is behind bars where he belongs.
You said "what the US does has implications for the entire planet". I hope and pray that is true. If Bush is able to spread democracy to Iraq, and some of the other countries that surround Iraq take notice, maybe the whole world could truly change. The world is dangerous because the terrorists do not want religious freedom or democracy to spread. How exactly would you have had us handle this differently? Put our heads in the sand while they continue to plot to destroy us? Can you not see this a common enemy? Who do you think they will go after next? Any free society. How do you know your Canada isn't next? Just because you did not send troops? That's not going to save you. These people will keep going until they wipe out any free society.
I don't know if democracy and peace could reach the middle east region in my lifetime, but it could happen some day. The ball is rolling. No one thought the Iron Curtain would fall but it did. You never know.
In regards to this comment - "and this I say to YOU, not CBFTW, ok? I don't want to make him feel like he's wasting his time and endangering his self for nothing)That's why I got so mad. When you make comments like the one you did about wondering if our soldiers are blind sheep, that IS belittling. Maybe you didn't mean it that way, but that is how it came off. I am very protective of that kid. Maybe overprotective, granted, but I took that as a slight against CBFTW and our military in general.
On a final note, I was at the World Trade Center one month after 911. It was still smoking. I met firefighters and policemen and relief workers and heard their stories. It changed me forever. I get it now. You cannot sit around and wait for someone to hurt you, and I do not understand why people would begrudge us this fight for our way of life.

I'm frustrated today

Do you lower yourself in to a duel-of-words, or do you let it go.
I've been so frustrated with the anti-war rhetoric and the holier-than-thou insults thrown about by the left that I am a frazzled mess. I suppose that is their point though. Stay negative, beat the other side down, tap-dance with your psuedo-intellect, and hit all the damn talking points.  Now I see it poisoning a blog that I love, and I am just beside myself.
An individual on a blog a read actually posted this:
"I want to know if American soldiers are intelligent, rational human beings who truly believe that what they're doing is right for a variety of reasons, or if they're just mindless drones following orders and falling victim to group-think."

And this was on a soldier's blog!!!
Holy crap. This soldier is in Iraq, going through hell, losing friends, fighting for democracy in the middle east, fighting terrorism so that this dude can be safe at home, and this guy had the NERVE to say he wants to know if soldiers are "mindless drones following orders" or "victims to group think".
I'm so stunned that I can barely compose a coherent thought.
How did we come to this? How can an American be so completely ignorant of our armed services and the honorable men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom? I am terrified for the future of our country.
I am praying that the soldier does not read that thread. He has enough to worry about as it is. Crikey.   
I just had to vent.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

hey 91ghost -

I'd love to read your book one day. Fantastic title. I'm so glad you are encouraging cbftw to write a book too. You are both excellent writers, and I would be proud to read books by both of you.

I did the same thing you did - I signed up for a blog so that I could post on cbftw's site. Isn't it amazing how you can grow to care for someone so quickly just be reading someone's words? The power of the pen....or in this case, the keyboard and an internet truly astounding.

I'll copy and paste some of this on his site too.

Thanks for posting on my site. -Jen

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Subject: Life's Journey

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely
in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways,
totally worn out, shouting "holy shît...what a ride!"

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I love this article

Iraqi kitten reunites with Fort Carson soldier
posted by: Susan Wells

COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) - Saving Pvt. Hammer became a mission for Fort Carson Staff Sgt. Rick Bousfield of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team.

Pfc. Hammer is an Iraqi tabby cat the unit adopted after he was born last fall at a base in Balad, 50 miles north of Baghdad. When Bousfield found out his unit was leaving Iraq in March, he decided he couldn't leave a member of his team behind.

"He has been through mortar attacks," said Bousfield, a 19-year Army veteran. "He'd jump and get scared liked the rest of us. He is kind of like one of our own."

Pfc. Hammer got his name from the unit that adopted him, Team Hammer.

Soldiers would tuck Hammer in their body armor during artillery attacks, and in return, Hammer chased mice in the mess hall and chased the blues away among soldiers.

"He was a stress therapist," Bousfield said. "The guys would come back in tired and stressed. Hammer would come back and bug the heck out of you. He wiped away some worries."

The kitten earned his rank after nabbing five mice.

When Bousfield learned in January that his unit was going home in March, he started looking for ways to rescue the kitten.

He sent an e-mail to Alley Cat Allies, a national clearinghouse of information on stray cats, asking for help.

"We had to say yes to an American soldier in Iraq," said group director Becky Robinson. "We had to do it for the animal's sake and the men's sake. They were over there, fighting, doing their job -- and rescuing a kitten."

Her group turned to Military Mascots, which helps service members who befriend pets while they are deployed on foreign soils.

Alley Cat Allies raised $2,500 for Hammer's shots, sterilization, paperwork and a plane ride to the United States.

Hammer left Iraq with his unit in March, then flew from Kuwait to San Francisco in cargo-class, and then flew first class with an Alley Cat Allies volunteer to Denver.

Bousfield met the kitten at the airport.

"Only my husband would go to this extreme for a cat," Sheri Bousfield said.

Hammer is now in Colorado Springs with the Bousfields; their children Tiffany, 15, and Jeffrey, 13; the family's five cats, a dog, hamsters and two geckos.

(Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)


Sunday, July 11, 2004

A must-read blog

This soldier fascinates me. If you've never read his site, check it out immediately. It is positively riveting. He's a terrific writer, and a very brave man.

Friday, July 09, 2004

A sad day

"Let us endeaver so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry". -- Mark Twain

That quote is my mantra.

I had planned to be kinda silly today, but changed my mind after I read on the drudge report that the number of American casualties in Iraq is over 1000 as of today. Reading the latest number always upsets me, but crossing the 1000 mark really hit me hard today.

God Bless our troops. Please be careful out there guys.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

A string walks in to a bar.....

...and says "bartender! Get me a drink!" The bartender looks at the string and says "WE DON'T SERVE YOUR KIND HERE". The string walks outside, ties his hair up, messes it up, goes back in the bar and says "BARTENDER! Get me a drink"!!! The bartender says "aren't you that string I just threw outta here?". The string replies, "No, I'm a frayed knot".


I've known that joke for 10 years and it still makes me giggle. Don't know if it's the joke itself or just the memory associated with the joke. Maybe I'll write about that memory some day. *evil grin*

I'm an addict. A blog-reading addict. Never thought I'd actually write one myself. Did I wake up today and say "I must throw my hat in the proverbial cyberland ring?!?!?". NAY! I wanted to post a reply on a soldier's blog wishing him well and was unable to without registering. So I registered.

So I am an accidental blogger...?

Hmmm...I must go ponder my possibilities.....

to be serious or to be silly...that is the question.